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Creek Tea + Books (now open)

155 E Harvey Milk Blvd (900 S) / SLC, UT 84111

Monday - Saturday / 8a - 6p

Sunday / 10a - 4p


Tea is complex.  It is a beautiful combination of earth and culture and ritual,  but understanding tea’s complexity can seem impermeable. Creek Tea offers an invitation into the deep world of tea. 

Black Tea

// DZS Keemun Congou

Black tea comes from the same plant as white and green teas.  Of the three, black tea oxidizes the longest.  

The tea we've chosen to represent black teas, Keemun Congou, might be the most famous black tea of them all and is considered the best black tea that China produces. It smells sweet and orchid-like in the cup, with a non-bitter taste full of subtle notes like raisin, plum and cocoa.

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Green Tea

 // DZS Pinhead Gunpowder

Green tea comes from the same plant as white and black teas.  Green tea oxidizes longer than white but less than black.  

The Pinhead Gunpowder tea we've chosen to represent green teas has beautiful aromatic presence. Gunpowder tea leaves are withered, steamed, rolled, and then dried. The result are small pearls or beads of tea that 'explode' into beautiful, large tea leaves upon steeping. 

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White Tea

 // Dunsandle Bai Mudan

White tea comes from the same plant as green and black teas.  White tea oxidizes less than green and black teas.  

The tea we've chosen to represent white teas, Bai Mudan, is sometimes preferred by white tea drinkers for its fuller flavor than other white teas.  Nonetheless, this tea is the subtlest of our offerings and a great introduction to white tea. We love it for its floral aromas and sweet flavor.

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Creek Tea (+ Books) is an 1,800 square foot modern space than can hold up to 50 people.  Rates vary by services offered.  

If you'd like to book your own private event at Creek Tea, please email